How To Kill A Fruit Tree For Removal

If you have a fruit tree that is no longer bearing healthy fruit, it may have become more of a hassle than anything else. In this case, removing the tree is probably best, as it does nothing but encourage disease and pests. Before removing a fruit tree, killing it is often recommended because it makes the tree removal process go much more quickly. Here are instructions on how you can kill the tree and its roots before removing it.

Water the Tree First

It may seem counterproductive, but when using herbicide to kill a fruit tree, you want it to be actively growing, and for its leaves to be expanded. If you haven't had good rainfall recently, spend some time watering the tree first. Water it as deeply as you can over the course of a week or so, or until you see the leaves start to expand. This will make the rest of the process go much more smoothly.

Mix Your Herbicide

You are going to use herbicide to kill the tree and its roots. Choose an herbicide product that contains triclopyr, glyphosate, or imazapyr. All of these ingredients are effective at killing a fruit tree and its roots. Prepare the product according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once it is mixed properly, pour it into a garden sprayer. The herbicide product will give specific instructions on where to spray the product, such as a certain number of inches around the diameter of the tree trunk. You can also create a more diluted herbicide by adding more water to your mixed solution, which can make it easier to get full coverage of the trunk and let it soak through.

Create Access to the Tree and Roots

In order for the herbicide to work properly, you need more access into the tree, as well as the roots. You can do this by making cuts into the trunk, going around the perimeter of the trunk. You can use any tool you like for the cuts, such as a hatchet, axe, or saw. Just be careful with it and ask for help if you don't feel comfortable using these tools. You want the cuts to overlap and create a girdling pattern around the trunk. It will kill the canopy of the tree and prevent it from re-sprouting.

Spray the Herbicide

You are now ready to spray the herbicide. Spray it on the trunk directly onto the areas where the trunk is cut. The product should cover the cuts entirely. Once you have sprayed the herbicide, follow the instructions on the label for how long to wait before the tree begins to die and can be removed. Once the tree and roots are dead, you will find removing it much easier to do.

For professional help with any part of this process, contact a tree removal service.