Understanding The Reasons For Tree Trimming And Removal

There are various reasons to have a tree removed from your property. But sometimes when people think they need a tree removed, they really just need it trimmed. Sometimes it's a purely personal choice. Occasionally it's a town mandate. In any case, here's what you need to know.

Reasons to Trim and Prune Rather than Remove

One of the most common reasons to have a tree trimmed is because its branches are growing too close to the house or other building. These branches can cause damage to the structure. They can also become an injury risk.

You've likely seen how snow on a branch can cause it to break and fall. That can happen over a part of your building, or over someone passing under the branch.

If branches are growing out over public space, it presents another hazard.  If a storm causes a branch to break and injure someone on the sidewalk, you may find yourself in court. The same issue can occur with branches growing too close to power lines. They can do a lot of damage and cause electrical outages and fires as well.

There's also aesthetics. You may simply not like the look of the tree. Maybe its branches have started to grow out of control or they're blocking the view. Another reason to trim is to protect the health of the tree. Trees do catch disease and sometimes it's possible to save the tree by cutting off infected branches before the disease spreads.

Reasons to Remove a Tree from a Property

There are many obvious reasons to remove a tree entirely. If the tree is dead or dying, then it has to go. Dying trees are dangerous. They're weak and may fall over. This can do all kinds of damage.

It's similar to the damage that branches can cause but on a larger scale. There are several ways to tell if a tree is dead or dying, but they're not always obvious.

Actually, many of the reasons to remove a tree are the same as the reasons for trimming its branches and foliage. It's just that when it's the whole tree, it represents a larger potential problem.

Leaning trees are also a reason for removal. Even if a healthy tree is leaning at a precarious angle, it represents a similar danger to a dying tree. Of course, you may just want to remove a tree to clear a space on your property. It's possible to have a tree removal service relocate a tree rather than completely get rid of it.

But before you make a decision, educate yourself on your trees. You may find that you want to keep your trees or learn to care for them yourself. If you think a tree removal is necessary, or if you're not sure, then contact a professional tree removal service (such as Chudy Tree Care) and ask.