3 Ways To Turn The Dead Tree In Your Yard Into Cash

If your property has a large dead tree that you have been meaning to deal with, then you have come to the right place. You may be surprised to learn that all of that wood in your yard very well may have some market value. Rather than having to pay a tree removal service to rid you of the problem, you might be able to sell it to someone who wants the wood badly enough to come haul it off of your property - and pay you for the privilege!

Below are three ways that you may be able to turn your dead tree into cash today:

Sell a Wood Burl

A tree burl is an area where a tree was damaged and did not grow properly. This deformed growth area results in a wood grain with a lot of swirls and variation in colors. Wood burls are prized by carvers and woodworkers for their designs. Also, high-end car and furniture manufacturers use veneers made from burl wood on their products.

Some trees are more likely to have valuable burls:

  • oaks
  • walnut
  • almond

In addition, juniper trees have burls that are bright red in color and are highly sought after for making furniture.

Sell for Hobby Lumber

Commercial lumber mills will not typically accept wood from individuals. This is due to safety concerns. Residential trees often contain old nails in them from people using them as anchor points or for yard decorations. However, many individuals and small companies who work with wood are willing to pay good money for quality wood. The most common uses for this type of wood are building custom furniture and woodworking crafts.

Sell for Firewood

If your property's tree is not suitable for woodworking or does not have any burl wood, then you can always cut it into rounds and sell it for firewood. You can contact local firewood providers in your local area to see if they are willing to come cut and remove your tree if you do not want to deal with it yourself. Some services will pay you for the wood if it is a hardwood species while other services will simply remove the tree in exchange for the wood.


Now that you can see the ways the dead tree on your property can be turned into cash, you should call a local tree service like Destiny's Tree Service LLC today for advice on which option will work the best for your location and type of tree.