4 Reasons You Might Need Tree Removal Services

When is the right time to remove a tree? After years of enjoying the beauty and great service from your tree, a time comes when it presents more risks than benefits. However, it is not always easy to determine the most appropriate time to schedule tree removal services. This piece will discuss some reasons you need to remove a tree from your yard.

1. Old and Dying Trees

Like most living things, trees also reach the end of their lives. Long after maturation, the aging tree may begin to show signs of lifelessness. For example, it might stop producing leaves and fruits. Dead twigs and trunks also indicate a dying tree, but you might need to inspect the roots to see if they are weakening. Aging trees are unsightly and weak. They present safety hazards during storms and heavy downpours.

Therefore, you should consider removing the dead trees to create room for new growth. Consult with an arborist if you feel that a certain tree in your yard has reached the end of its useful life.

2. Clearing Ground for Development

Do you feel like your yard could accommodate a swimming pool, but one or more trees seem to bar you from achieving this goal? You can consider removing the tree and adjacent plant growth to accommodate a development project.

Other reasons for clearing ground and removing trees include creating a home garden, installing a septic tank, landscaping, expanding your home, building a new house, or installing an additional structure.

3. Old Tree Near Your House

A young growing tree next to your house doesn't seem to be a problem. However, when it matures and grows tall, it might affect the structural integrity of your house. For example, you could schedule tree removal services if the tree roots start burrowing into your home's foundation or the branches extend over the roof and power lines. Consider uprooting the tree before it causes detrimental and irreparable damages.  

4. Extensive Tree Damage

After a storm, some of your trees could be left damaged with only a few broken branches. Tree trimming services often help restore the tree and make it appealing. However, if the damages are irreversible, you may be forced to remove the tree altogether. For example, the tree may lean dangerously to one side, or the trunk may show visible signs of damage. If the damages are too severe, tree trimming is no longer a solution, and thus, the tree should be removed.

Are you wondering whether to call the tree removal professionals? Follow these guidelines to determine whether it is time for tree removal services. Acting early might help prevent property damages and accidents that could lead to injuries.