Beneficial Services Offered By Tree Removal Companies

If you have a lot of trees on your property, you might consider getting help from a tree removal company. These companies offer many services to help you maintain the trees on your property with ease. 

Tree Trimming

Sometimes trees on your property can grow too large, and branches may actually start rubbing up against your home's foundation. Tree specialists can safely and quickly remove any branches that get too large.

Trimming trees won't be difficult for these specialists because they have a special device called a tree pruner. This tool is essentially a long pole with a steel blade at the top. This blade is metal and has saw teeth – allowing professionals to cut thick branches or twigs in an effortless manner.

The removal specialist won't have to even get off the ground when trimming the trees around your property. Tree pruners feature a foam grip, which allows the removal specialist to remain comfortable when using the pruner for hours.

Stump Removal

If there are stumps on your property, these are just taking up space and creating eyesores. They can be removed quickly, though, when you get help from a tree removal company. A specialist will come out and use a special burning technique. 

First, the stump is cut down as much as possible to where only a couple of inches are left over. Then, holes are drilled around the perimeter of the stump at the top. Kerosene is then put inside all of the holes. Finally, a tree stump is placed at the top of the stump and lit on fire. This burning technique is controlled at all times by the removal specialist, so you don't have to worry about your property catching on fire.

Tree Safety Inspections

It's critical to make sure the trees around your property are safe, as this prevents you and others from getting hurt over the years. To protect your trees from lightning, a tree specialist can set up a copper cable system near the top of every major trunk on your trees. Fasteners are then used to hold the cables away from the tree and protect the trunk from getting struck by lightning.

If any trees on your property are a liability, they can be removed completely. Using heavy-duty chainsaws, tree specialists will remove the tree and then transport it using a crane. These professionals can determine where the tree falls after it's cut, so no one gets injured and your property doesn't get damaged.

If you are looking to maintain all of the trees around your home, you might want to get help from a tree removal company like Gene's Tree Service. This company can remove stumps, inspect the safety of trees and trim trees that are getting too big.