Problems with Your Spruce? Signs You Need a Tree Removal Service

If you have blue spruce growing in your yard, you need to track their health. Blue spruce are hearty trees, but they can get sick. If they're not kept healthy, they can die. Once your blue spruce dies, it will need to be removed. Dead limbs won't grow back, and if spruce diseases aren't treated quickly, the disease can spread to other trees. Read the list provided below. If your spruce trees have developed any of the issues described here, talk to a tree service near you for spruce tree removal.

Learn How To Tell When You Should Trim Your Tree

If you have trees in your home, part of the essential maintenance practices you shouldn't ignore is tree trimming. This is important because it preserves your tree's health which is critical in improving curb appeal. Additionally, if your tree has diseased or damaged branches, they're prone to falling and may cause injury to you and your family or damage to your property. Given such issues, it's crucial to know when to trim your tree.

5 Signs That Emerald Ash Borers May Be In Your Neighborhood

Emerald ash borers can kill an ash tree quickly, and there is little you can do once the pests find your tree. Knowing the signs of an infestation can help you monitor your neighborhood for these pests. 1. Increased Woodpecker Activity Woodpeckers love to feast upon emerald ash borer larvae. When trees are infected, the woodpecker population tends to go up due to the presence of such an easy food source.

Tree Trimming Tips: Things You Should Know

When it comes to maintaining the trees in your yard, it's important to make sure that you plan your tree trimming services carefully. The more you understand about tree trimming services, the easier it is for you to prolong the lifespan of your trees while still maintaining their growth and your property's safety. Here's a look at a few of the things that you need to know. Make Sure You're Trimming At The Right Time

Trimming Your Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees are uniquely beautiful. Not only do they develop lovely white or pink blossoms in the spring, but they also grow attractive red fruits in the fall. However, crabapple trees do require some care, which includes trimming. Keep reading to learn why trimming is so important for crabapple trees, and also to discover some tips for good trimming. Why Trimming Is So Important There are a few reasons why trimming is essential for crabapples.

Making Every Cut A Good One: Tree Trimming Tips

What is the difference between a good tree trimming session and a not-so-good one? While the branches you choose to remove do make a difference, one of the biggest differentiators is the cuts themselves. Cuts that are made properly are better for the tree, result in a shorter healing time, and are less likely to lead to tree health issues later on. So, in the world of tree trimming, what makes for a good cut?

How Do You Know A Tree Is Dead And Needs To Be Removed?

You'll commonly hear the advice that you should have dead and dying trees removed to prevent them from falling on or dropping branches on your property. This is good advice. But how do you know which trees are dead or dying? Look out for these signs, and contact a tree removal service if you notice any of them. There are fungal bodies growing from its trunk or roots. Trees can survive mild fungal infections.

2 Reasons To Have A Professional Trim Your Tree's Branches Instead Of Doing It Yourself

After looking at a tree in your yard, you may have decided that you wish to even out its shape by trimming back a few branches. Since you have an idea of how you want it to look and feel that it should not be too hard to cut a few branches, you may be thinking about just going ahead and doing it yourself. However, you may want to reconsider trimming the tree yourself, especially if you have little to no experience doing so.

How A Tree Removal Company Can Remove Hazardous Trees From Your Property Safely

Removing a tree from your yard is a lot of work, and in many cases, it's best to leave the job for a professional. Maneuvering a large tree safely is impossible without proper equipment and training. Plus, trees can be unpredictable in the way they fall if you don't control the job carefully. Here are some aspects of safe tree removal you may want to know. Tree Removal Experts Can Work In Tight Areas

Three Ways You Can Tell It Is Time to Remove a Tree in Your Yard

Trees are a gem to every landscape. They improve the overall beauty of your property and raise its value. However, you have to invest in proper tree care if you want them to beautify your landscape and increase the home's net value. Furthermore, tree removal is sometimes necessary to eliminate safety hazards that come with dead, diseased, and decaying trees. Here are the top indicators that it is the right time to remove a tree: