3 Steps For Dealing With A Downed Tree On Your Property

Large trees are a beautiful addition to any yard, but when you have trees on your property, you have to be prepared for the risk of them falling down. Downed trees are not extremely common, but disease, strong winds, powerful thunderstorms, or ice storms can cause damage to trees and cause them to topple over. If a tree in your yard falls over, take the following steps:

Ensure the Safety of Your Property and Family

A large tree can cause extensive damage to structures, and if any power lines are involved the situation can become very dangerous. If a large tree falls on your house or roof, it is in your best interest to evacuate the premises until you can have the situation checked out by a professional to ensure that your home or roof are not in danger of caving in. When power lines are involved, do not attempt to approach the tree to examine the damage. Any time live power lines are involved in a downed tree situation, call emergency services immediately and let them resolve the problem.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Removing a downed tree from your property can be expensive, so before hiring a company contact your insurance company to see if your homeowners policy covers the cost of tree removal. Some policies cover the expenses, other policies only cover the costs if the downed tree causes structural damage to your house, and some policies do not include any coverage for the cost of removing downed trees from a property. If you have several large trees on your property, it may be worth your time to look over your homeowners insurance policy or contact your agent to add a rider to your policy to cover expenses associated with downed trees, if it is not included in your current policy.

Call Several Tree Service Companies for Quotes

While you may be tempted to try to remove the downed tree yourself with a chain saw, in many cases it is a better idea to hire a professional tree service company to take care of the task for you. If you're dealing with an exceptionally tall tree with many limbs and branches, trying to remove it yourself can potentially be very dangerous, especially if you have no experience in tree removal. Your best bet is to call several tree service companies in your area for quotes; choose a reputable company that is licensed, insured, and offers their services at a fair price. Contact a company like Carlos Tree Service Inc for more information.