Four Reasons To Hire Professionals To Maintain Your Trees

Many new homeowners decide that they are going to do the majority of their landscape maintenance themselves. However, this can sometimes have negative consequences, especially for activities beyond simply mowing lawns and caring for simple flower, vegetable, and herb plots. Following are four great reasons why you should strongly consider leaving certain outdoor jobs such as tree maintenance to the professionals.

Curb Appeal

Even if you don't have plans to put your home on the market in the foreseeable future, maintaining optimal curb appeal is a good long-term strategy. Well-maintained mature landscaping appeals to potential buyers way more than an outdoor living space that's been cobbled together in a hurry in an attempt to drum up some curb appeal. Besides, you'll enjoy your home more if the exterior presents a pleasing appearance.


Trimming trees that have dead, diseased, or otherwise weakened wood can have dire consequences for those who have not been professionally trained in the art of tree maintenance. Weak wood breaks off easily, and this can result in significant injuries for those who are not familiar with proper tree trimming techniques and safety procedures. Professionals will also be trained to safely work with trees that are located near power lines, and municipal and county codes throughout the country require that all work performed within 10 feet of a power line be done by those with experience in line-clearing tree trimming.


Although it may seem that doing your own landscape maintenance work is a good way to keep household costs down, leaving the job to professionals is a good strategy for budget-conscious homeowners -- especially when it comes to the larger, potentially dangerous jobs such as tree maintenance. For instance, a skilled professional can spot a developing disease or other prospective problem before it evolves into an expensive fix or spreads to other trees on your property. Also, unskilled tree trimmers can sometimes damage the trees that they are working on to the extent that they have to be replaced. If you have fruit trees in your yard, proper cultivation ensures a bountiful yield of fruit.


Face it, spending weekends wrestling trees around in your yard probably isn't high on your list of pleasant leisure activities. Well-chosen professional services allow you time to spend with family and friends; pursue hobbies; enjoy art, cultural, and community events; and simply recharge and relax after a tedious week at work while sitting on your backyard deck enjoying your lovely landscaping.

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