Tips For Proper Palm Tree Care For New Florida Residents

Palm trees are a popular adornment for yards throughout Florida, and they have become synonymous with beachfront living and tropical environments. If you're looking to put a few palm trees in your yard, understanding how to care for them is important. Here are a few things you should be careful to avoid.

Inadequate Soil

If the soil you're planting in is not healthy and balanced, the tree won't have any opportunity to thrive. In order for the roots to grow effectively, the soil must be properly balanced with nutrients, drainage and other filler. Opt for peat moss or something similar over potting soil so that you don't over-treat the roots.

Improper Watering

When you first plant a palm tree, you need to water the soil enough to keep it damp, but not so much that it is soggy and drowning the roots. If you overwater the palm tree, it can lead to yellowing and brownish tints on the palm leaves. You'll be less likely to encounter this type of problem if you amend the soil with sand to improve drainage before you add the tree to the planting hole. Water the new tree once a day for the first several days after you plant it, but don't saturate the soil. Just make sure it's damp.

It's equally damaging to the trees to not water them enough. If you see the tips of the palm tree leaves turning dark brown and drying out, that means you're not watering the tree enough and it's starting to suffer from drought. The best way to ensure that the tree is getting enough water is to check the soil condition each morning. If the tree is getting enough water, the soil will remain damp down to the roots on the morning after the last watering.

Imbalanced Nutrient Treatments

Palm trees also require a careful balance of nutrients in the soil. While you might think that adding fertilizer to the soil right away is important, doing so can actually burn the tree's roots. Palm tree roots are fragile on young trees, so it's best to give them a few months to grow before you apply any fertilizer. Only apply palm tree fertilizer a few steps out away from the trunk. That way, you don't burn the tree inadvertently.

If you've recently relocated to the Florida coast, palm trees can be enticing. Before you buy a palm tree to plant in your yard, consider these tips and talk with a local arborist to be sure you have a good environment for the tree to thrive. Companies like 770 Tree Guy can help you with other details of tree care.