Answering A Few Tree Care Questions

Caring for the trees on your property is a major task that comes with owning real estate. Yet, it can be possible for you to be fairly inexperienced with caring for your trees. To help you be better prepared to keep your beautiful trees as healthy as possible, you will want to keep the following couple of tips in mind.

What Can Be Done To Protect Your Tree Against Insect Damage?

Insects can be a major threat to your trees. However, it can be easy to overlook some of the steps that you can take to help protect your trees from this source of damage. In particular, it is possible to have the tree treated with insect repellents. These repellents will make the tree a far less attractive target to insects. However, you will need to have the insect repellent reapplied every year to ensure that the tree stays as protected as possible.

Can You Prevent Soil Erosion Around The Base Of Your Trees?

Soil erosion can be another common issue for your trees. As rain runoff flows around the trees, it can wash away the soil that helps to anchor the roots. Over time, this issue is likely to continue to worsen, which can eventually cause the tree to become unstable.

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent erosion from causing these issues for your tree by opting to have gravel or erosion-control tarps. While you may be concerned about the aesthetic implications of these upgrades, they can be the most effective options for preventing your trees from becoming unstable and falling over due to erosion.

Is It Necessary For You To Water Your Tree?

Watering the trees during periods of little rainfall can be an excellent way of helping the plant to stay healthy when water is scarce. When watering your trees, you will want to make sure to thoroughly soak the soil. If you only get the top layers of soil wet, the roots will start to grow towards the surface, which can destabilize the tree. In order to prevent this problem, you will want to make sure to leave the water running for several minutes when you water the tree to allow it to soak deep into the ground.

Caring for the trees on your property does not have to be a difficult task for you to do. By making sure that you understand the importance of protecting your trees against insect damages, soil erosion and keeping them watered, you can help your trees to avoid some potentially serious problems. Contact a company like Show Me Tree Service to learn more.