How Chemical Stump Removal Works

Stumps can be very unsightly. But the good news is that there are many ways that stumps can be removed from your property. One affordable approach is to attack the stump using chemicals to dissolve it away.

When To Use Chemicals

Chemical stump removal is a slow way to destroy a stump. It is ideal for those who do not need to remove their stumps immediately and do not want to put a lot of effort into removing a stump.

How The Chemicals Remove The Stump

Most stump removal chemicals use potassium nitrate as the active chemical, often referred to as saltpeter. While there are other chemicals that can also destroy tree stumps, potassium nitrate is considered to be the best approach. Other chemicals include alkalis or sulfiting agents. These are designed to decompose the lignin found in wood. They also dissolve the enzymes found in the cell walls of the wood. Because the chemicals soaked into the stump are potentially dangerous, keep children and pets away.

How To Apply The Chemicals To The Stump

The chemical is used by first drilling holes into the stump. Then, the granules are applied to the hole of the stump. Finally, water is applied to the treated stump. Wait a few weeks and the stump will be very spongy. It can simply be left to decompose naturally or you could use an ax to chop up the stump and remove it.

How To Safely Torch The Remains

Another approach for eliminating the stump, after you have soaked it with saltpeter, is to douse the stump in kerosene and light it. The problem with stumps is that part of them are underground, so there is a lack of oxygen and not all of the stump will burn. However, after the stump has been dissolved using saltpeter, it will be in a state where it will be much easier to completely burn with kerosene.

When To Call A Stump Removal Service

The speed at which the wood decays can be very slow. Therefore, if you need to have the stump removed much sooner, it may make more sense to have your stump removed by a stump removal service. The fastest way to remove a stump is with a stump grinder and it is a pain to rent one. However, stump removal services will handle the most annoying aspects of the stump removal and you will be left with a nice, stump-free landscape.