Treat A Beetle Infestation On A Young Maple Tree

If you have a young maple tree growing on your property that has wilted, browning leaves due to a beetle infestation, eliminate the pests and prune the tree's branches by completing the steps below. As the tree continues to flourish, maintain its appearance by pruning its branches as needed.


  • ​rubber gloves
  • protective eyewear
  • power drill 
  • drill bit
  • pesticide injection kit
  • funnel
  • ladder
  • pruning shears
  • wheelbarrow
  • rake
  • water hose

​Eliminate And Prevent Pests

Put on a pair of rubber gloves and protective eyewear. Use a power drill to create shallow holes around the base of the maple tree. In order to determine how deep the holes need to be, read the instructions that were enclosed with the pesticide injection kit that you have purchased. The depth of each hole and the amount of pesticide that needs to be administered will be dependent upon how large the tree is.

Use a funnel to assist with filling each hole with pesticide. Many pesticide injection kits are environmentally friendly and pesticide that is included with them will kill and prevent a variety of pests from making their home on the tree on your property. Pesticide will remain effective for months, as well.

Prune Branches And Monitor The Tree's Appearance

Inspect the tree's branches and determine how many you would like to trim. Look for leaves that have holes in them or that are dying in order to decide which sections to eliminate and plan on cutting about the same length from each branch that you have selected so that the tree has a symmetrical appearance once you have finished pruning it.

Use a pair of pruning shears to make a cut that is at an an angle in the top portion of each branch. If the pruning shears won't cut through the entire branch, make a cut in the bottom of the branch that meets the top cut that was made. Gently tug portions that were clipped and avoid yanking or twisting any of the branches, because doing so could cause permanent damage to the tree. Rake up the clippings and place them in a wheelbarrow so that they can conveniently be transported to another part of your yard.

Water the base of the tree if the soil is dry and monitor the tree's appearance regularly. As long as the tree receives plenty of water and sunlight, it will remain healthy and continue to provide your property with beneficial shade.