Stumped By That Stump? Tips To Assist With Utilizing It Or Eliminating It

If there is a large tree stump on your property that you consider to be an eyesore, the following tips will assist with utilizing it or eliminating it altogether.

Create A Planter

Create a planter to hold some of your favorite varieties of flowering plants. Use a permanent marker to mark the outline of the desired planter on the top of the tree trunk. Cut into the outline with a pick axe. Once there is a groove running through the marked portion of the wood, use the wider end of the tool to cut into the central portion of the stump. Continue removing wood from the trunk until you have created a shallow basin that will be deep enough to hold the roots of the plant varieties that you will be adding to the homemade planter.

Create small drain holes through the sides of the planter with a power drill. Fill the base of the planter with soil. Add the roots of each plant that you have selected before covering them with soil. Water the plants regularly.

Paint The Stump's Surface

Secure a piece of sandpaper to a power sander. Move the sander back and forth over the top of the stump's surface until the wood is smooth. Use a damp cloth to remove sanding dust from the top of the stump. Secure stencils that depict an appealing design across the sanded surface with strips of two-sided tape.

Use a paintbrush to fill in each stencil with exterior paint. Once the paint dries, remove the stencils from the top of the trunk. Apply a clear coat of glossy paint over the painted design. The glossy paint will add gloss to the stump's surface and will prevent the design from peeling or fading.

Remove The Stump And Plant Grass Seed

Create shallow holes in the top and sides of the stump with a power drill. Insert a funnel in each hole and pour stump decomposing granules through the funnel until all of the holes are full. Cover the stump with a drop cloth or tarp to prevent the granules from spilling out from the holes. After several weeks have passed, the stump will be soft and spongy. Use an ax to cut the decomposed wood into pieces.

Grind the wood into small chips with a stump grinder. Level the land with a rake and use topsoil to fill in any depressions. Plant grass seed in the newly-cleared property. Water the grass seed regularly. After grass blades emerge from the ground and grow to be the same height as the rest of the grass growing on your property, your lawn will have a uniform appearance.

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