Tips For Trimming Trees In Winter

Trimming in the winter will rejuvenate your trees and make them healthier and more fruitful in the spring. The sap in trees is relatively inactive during the winter and any cuts you make are less likely to bleed. This makes winter trimming gentler on your trees. Whether you decide to trim your trees yourself or hire a professional. Here are some things you should know to ensure that you or the person you hire does a good job.

Three Things To Bear In Mind When Trimming

  1. The first thing that you should do is get rid of any diseased and damaged wood that you find on the tree.
  2. If there are branches that cross you should remove the boughs that are least important.
  3. It is essential that you cut the right places on the tree. Bad trimming will cause die-back and may result in poor wound healing. This will cause your tree to become unhealthy.

How To Trim Trees In The Correct Manner

  1. Once you have removed all the damaged and diseased wood, you should look for thick awkward stems that are growing at odd angles. Use your pruning saw to make a straight cut across the base of the stem.
  2. If you find thin stems that need trimming then you should trim them with pruners. Place your pruner at least two centimeters from the swelling where the stem and the branches are joined. Make the cut in that position.
  3. When it is time to cut the thick branches on your trees, you will have to take a two-step approach. Thick branches are prone to tears and must be handled with care. Position your saw at least two centimeters away from the area where the branch meets the trunk of the tree. Cut quarter way through the branch. Once that is done, it is time to make a second cut. This is done on the opposite side of the first cut. Make sure the second and the first cut meet. This will make the branch fall easily.
  4. After the branch has fallen, there should be a stub remaining, since you made the first cut two centimeters from the where the stem and the trunk meet. To get rid of the stub cut quarter way through the base of it and then make a final cut from the opposite side making sure both cuts meet.

Trimming your trees in winter is sure to make them healthier and more flourishing when spring comes around. This is why you should always make sure that trimming is done in the correct manner. Contact local tree trimming and tree removal services for more details.