Signs Your Tree May Need To Be Examined By An Arborist

If a tree in your yard doesn't seem as healthy as it once did, you should think about calling an arborist to take a look at it. When problems are found early enough, it's often possible to save a tree. However, if a tree can't be saved, then it should be removed before it becomes a hazard on your property. Here are some signs that your tree may need the help of an arborist.

The Tree Has Dead Or Abnormal Leaves

When the weather conditions are unusual, it might affect the leaves on the trees in your area. If all the other trees in your neighborhood seem to be developing their leaves or losing them on schedule but yours isn't, then that could be a sign of an unhealthy tree. Also, you may notice the leaves look different. They may have odd shapes, bumps, or holes.

You could also see patches of dead leaves in a tree where a branch or limb is dying. Dead and abnormal leaves could be signs of a dying tree, insect infestation, or a disease. Getting early treatment might save your tree and prevent the spread of the disease to other trees.

Your Tree Is Starting To Lean

As long as the roots are strong, a tree that leans a little might not be cause for concern. If it seems like the tree is leaning more and more as it grows, the extra weight of its growth might be too much for the trunk to support.

There might also be a problem with the root system of the tree that's keeping the tree from anchoring in the ground. If the leaning tree is a problem, then it's best to have it removed rather than wait for it to fall during heavy rain or strong winds.

The Tree Shows Signs Of Decay

A tree with hollow areas in the trunk might be nice for squirrels, but it could be a danger on your property if the tree is dying and decaying. Other signs a tree is decaying is when mushrooms grow on the trunk or around the base. The tree may have branches falling frequently and have sparse leaves.

Trees can decay due to diseases and insects, and they can also decay due to old age. A decayed tree becomes weak and it may fall in a storm or drop big branches and limbs on your roof or car if it isn't cut down in time.

These tree problems are usually easy to spot, but sometimes, your tree can be unhealthy without you realizing it. If you suspect your tree isn't healthy and thriving, call an arborist to inspect it. The arborist checks the health of the leaves and bark. He or she also assesses the roots and structure of the tree to make sure it's sound.

If insects or infections are present, it might be possible to treat the tree to get rid of the problem. Your tree might also be restored to thriving health by adding nutrients and sufficient water. If those options don't help, then removing the tree could be the best choice so your property stays safe.

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