Questions To Ask When Hiring A Tree Removal Company

A dead tree or one that is growing in the wrong location can be a safety hazard. Dropped branches, damage to buildings, or overhead power line concerns are just a few good reasons to consider tree removal. For safety reasons, it's generally considered a good idea to hire a professional tree removal service. The following will help ensure that you hire the right tree service for the job.

Check the company's "papers"

You probably don't want to hire just anyone when dealing with trees. You need someone that has the equipment and training to take down a tree safely and without property damage. Any service you hire should be licensed to work in your county. They should also carry insurance to cover themselves, their equipment, and any accidental damage that could occur to your property. It's even better if the service has a licensed arborist on staff that will asses the tree prior to removal. This is especially important if there are power lines running through or near the tree. Arborists that have been certified on line clearance techniques will be better suited to making sure everything is done as safely as possible.

Ask about methodology

There are many methods to bring down a tree. For large trees, particularly evergreens, limbing the tree first is usually the safest method. This involves stripping all the limbs off the tree in preparation for the removal. Then, the tree will generally be brought down in segments from the top down. Smaller trees are usually removed in one go, perhaps with partial to full limbing. Be wary of taking down a large tree in one piece, because this can be very dangerous in a residential area. Further, find out if stump removal is part of the estimate or if it can be included. Many companies grind stumps down, but you may be able to find a company that digs it out if you would prefer that method.

Find out the estimate details

It's no secret that an estimate is not going to be the final price, and in most cases, the final price will be higher than the estimate. Before approving any estimate, you need to make sure that all the removal details are included as part of it. For example, you don't want to find out after the tree is down that there are extra charges for stump removal or even removing and disposing off the rest of the tree. Many companies will also provide an estimate guarantee. This means that if the cost of the actual service surpasses the estimate by an agreed-upon percentage, you will be consulted before the more expensive services are completed.

For more help, contact a tree removal company.