Why Trees Are Often Removed

You may have a yard full of trees you don't want, or you might have a single problematic tree that stands alone or that is surrounded by many others that you adore. The good news is whether you are dealing with one troublesome tree or an entire yard of them, you can have the tree(s) giving you issues removed. Once removed, you can replace them with trees that won't be trouble or you can give your yard a whole new look. Here are some of the different reasons why you might decide to have trees removed: 

One tree stands out awkwardly

Sometimes all the trees in the yard will go well with the landscape, except one. There can be one tree that's a different type, that's just too large, or that has grown to have an out-of-place look. No matter what the issue is with that one tree, removing it will also remove the problem that it is causing, allowing the rest of the trees to work well together and create the yard you want. 

One tree is threatening the rest

There are a lot of different ways that one tree can be posing a threat to all of the others. Some of the examples of ways that a tree can be a risk to your other trees include: 

  • A tree is diseased and that disease can spread to your other trees
  • A tree has an infestation of pests, and those pests can end up moving on to the other trees
  • A tree is taking too much sunlight and/or nourishment from the others, putting them at risk of becoming malnourished
  • A tree is too close to other trees with roots so large and strong that they are a threat to the other trees close to them

One or more trees are dead

If you find one or more trees on your property that are dead, you don't want to ignore this. Even if the trees aren't threatening any structures, leaving dead trees is still dangerous. Dead trees can lead to a fire that can quickly grow and become a threat to anything in its path. Dead trees can fall and damage healthy trees or they can fall when something or someone is in their path, causing damage to something or injuring or even proving fatal for a person or animal that happened to be close enough to be hit by a branch or tree trunk in the process.

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