Four Types Of Tree Services That Are Essential To Your Landscape Maintenance

Trees are a significant part of your landscape, and thus, it is essential to conduct various types of services on them as part of your landscape maintenance. 

However, most people are not aware of how destructive unkempt trees can negatively affect your landscape. For instance, if one tree contracts a disease, the disease can quickly spread to other trees or plant life resulting in the destruction of your landscape.

Thus, it is essential to use various tree services to ensure the longevity of your landscape. With that said, here are four critical tree services you need to employ as part of your landscaping maintenance.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming refers to cutting down unwanted branches of a tree. Most people usually assume that tree trimming is only for aesthetic purposes. Though the previous statement is true, tree trimming provides tremendous benefits for your landscape.

For instance, most people plant trees in their landscapes closely together. As a result, when the trees mature, they form a dense canopy that prevents plants on the ground from accessing sunlight. Sunlight is essential for photosynthesis, and thus, if your flowers and bushes are not receiving adequate sunlight due to a dense canopy, they will grow weak and eventually die.

However, you can prevent this from happening by employing tree trimming services to remove some of the tree branches that form the dense canopy to allow sunlight to reach the plants on the ground.

Tree Stump Grinding

When you cut down a tree, you are left with a stump sticking out of the ground. If the tree stump is sticking out of your lawn, it deteriorates your landscape's aesthetic. Additionally, if the tree stump doesn't get removed, it can become home to pests.

Nonetheless, if you want to remove the tree stump, you have two options. The first option involves hiring contractors to dig up the tree stump and dispose of it. However, considering the stump is in your lawn, digging it up will cause tremendous damage to your landscape because there will be a large hole left on your property.

Thus, instead of digging up the stump, it is advisable to utilize tree stump grinding services. Tree stump grinding can eliminate the tree stump without causing damage to the surrounding landscape. Furthermore, you can have the stump ground up to several inches below the ground. Thus, you can later add soil or compost manure where the stump used to be and plant grass.

Emergency Tree Cutting Services   There are several reasons you might need to hire emergency tree removal services. For instance:

  • If you have a sick tree and are afraid that the disease may spread to other plants on your landscape.
  • A tree has fallen on your bushes after a storm or heavy rains.
  • An old tree has fallen.

In all the above scenarios, it is advisable to call an emergency tree removal service to ensure the sick or fallen tree doesn't cause too much damage to your landscape. This way, you get to avoid the high cost of replanting or rebuilding parts of your landscape destroyed by the fallen tree.

Tree Surgery (Arboriculture)

Sometimes when you notice that a disease or a fungal infection has attacked a tree, you don't necessarily have to cut it down. In most cases, most people don't want to cut down the tree, and thus, in such a scenario, it is advisable to hire a tree surgery service to save the tree from permanent damage.

Tree surgery involves cutting out the parts of the tree that are infected without killing the tree. By removing the infected parts, the tree can heal and fully recover. Thus, you don't have to destroy your landscape by cutting down trees. However, it is essential to note that tree surgery should be employed at the early stages of tree infection. If you delay the service, the disease or illness could spread to critical parts of the tree, which will force you to cut it down.