Three Ways You Can Tell It Is Time to Remove a Tree in Your Yard

Trees are a gem to every landscape. They improve the overall beauty of your property and raise its value. However, you have to invest in proper tree care if you want them to beautify your landscape and increase the home's net value.

Furthermore, tree removal is sometimes necessary to eliminate safety hazards that come with dead, diseased, and decaying trees. Here are the top indicators that it is the right time to remove a tree: 

There Are Signs of Infection

Infectious diseases are a leading cause of tree death. One of the indicators that your tree has an infection is die-back, whereby the tree starts drying from the crown downwards. You may also notice cracks or deep splits in the tree's bark and the emergence of holes.

Holes on the tree trunk become feeding galleries for birds like woodpeckers. A sick tree will also have large dead branches on the crown and overall stunted growth. In this scenario, your tree removal experts will first assess the level of the infection and then determine whether it is treatable or you need to remove it.

The Tree Has Suffered Storm Damage

Storm damage can leave trees weak and incapable of supporting themselves in the long run. Severe damage leaves the tree weak enough to fall at any time, which can cause massive property damage and even injuries. Therefore, you should watch out for damage indicators after a heavy storm and have the tree removed if necessary.

These indicators include trees visibly leaning to one side, dead branches, pest invasion, and fungal growth. Usually, fungi signal that a tree is drying, often due to the root system getting compromised in a storm. Broken branches and cracks in the trunk also mean that your tree is damaged and needs to be checked.

The Tree Is Misplaced

You may need to remove a healthy tree from your yard for certain reasons. For example, your arborist can recommend removal when the trees are overcrowded. Besides, removing a tree that's a nuisance to your neighbor may be necessary.

Experts also recommend eliminating healthy trees that pose safety risks, such as electrical fires or foundational damage. But you don't have to lose your tree since an experienced tree removal expert can transplant it to an appropriate location.

Tree care is a continuous process that needs professional guidance. By hiring tree removal services, you will ensure that your yard stays beautiful and free from safety hazards that result from unhealthy trees.