Problems with Your Spruce? Signs You Need a Tree Removal Service

If you have blue spruce growing in your yard, you need to track their health. Blue spruce are hearty trees, but they can get sick. If they're not kept healthy, they can die. Once your blue spruce dies, it will need to be removed. Dead limbs won't grow back, and if spruce diseases aren't treated quickly, the disease can spread to other trees. Read the list provided below. If your spruce trees have developed any of the issues described here, talk to a tree service near you for spruce tree removal. It might be time to remove your spruce. 

Needle Tips Have Died

If your spruce has an infection, the problem could affect new growth. If that's the case, you'll see the problem at the tips. Fungal infection can cause needle tips to die and turn brown. Once that happens, the disease will spread through the rest of the needles. With proper treatment, your spruce can get saved. But, if treatment gets delayed, your spruce will die. When that happens, the best thing you can do is have your tree removed. 

The Tree has Needle Cast

If your spruce has an untreated fungal infection, it may develop needle cast. This happens once the needles die. Needle cast causes the needles to fall off your spruce tree. At first, you'll see a few needles fall from the tree. If your spruce looks a little bare, now's the time to call for tree service. If your tree has lost most of its needles, you'll need to arrange for removal. This is a sign that your tree is dead.

Roots Broke the Surface

If your spruce has developed surface roots, it might be time to consider removal. Surface roots can develop when trees don't get enough moisture. Or, they may not have the right nutrients. Regardless of the reason, once roots reach the surface, they can pose serious problems. First, they can grow under your home and cause foundation damage. Second, they can cause trip-and-fall accidents in the yard. Third, they can choke out the root systems of other trees. If your spruce roots are posing a problem, you need to have the tree removed. 

The Tree has Visible Cankers

If your spruce has sustained injuries, you want to start watching for cankers. Cankers are a sign that those injuries have gotten infected. If the cankers get too serious, the tree can't be saved. When that happens, your best option is to remove the tree.