Who To Call When You Need A Tree Removed From Your Property

If you have an unhealthy tree or one too large that could cause a safety concern on your property, you may want to consider having a tree service come and evaluate it. Some trees need tree removal, while others can benefit from some tree trimming to ensure they do not cause problems or damage to any structures or utilities on the land.

Tree Inspection

There are some steps to take before removing trees from your property. Hiring a tree service to come and inspect the tree and determine if it is healthy enough to move or trim back safely is an excellent place to start. 

Most tree services have an arborist that can check the tree to determine if there is any rot inside or if it is healthy overall. The arborist may recommend moving the tree if it is small enough, but large trees with health issues often become safety concerns, so tree removal may be the best option. 

Trees close to a structure or utility wires pose a specific threat because they can topple over, damaging powerlines or buildings they fall on. If the tree is large enough, it can destroy a house or garage, and often they come down without warning. 

Tree Removal

If the arborist suggests taking a tree down for safety, you can set up a time for the tree service to come and handle the tree removal. Typically the tree removal starts at the top of the tree, where a tree cutter starts by taking sections off the top and allowing them to fall to the ground at the base. 

If there is limited space to drop the sections, attaching a crane to the tree allows the tree removal service to lower each piece carefully so that nothing below is damaged. Typically, the cut pieces are not all the same size, and the tree cutter will decide where to cut each piece from their location near the top. 

The cutter may use a bucket truck to get up the tree, or they may climb it and cut the sections as they reach them. In both cases, the process must be precise to ensure that the tree removal happens without anyone getting hurt or any damage occurring to the property and structures.

Clean Up

As the tree cutter is removing sections of the tree, the ground crew will take the branches and small sections and run them through a large chipper. Larger logs can not go through the machine, but they can arrange removal for you if necessary. 

If you want to keep the wood for firewood or to use for other projects, let the tree removal service know so they don't cut them up. For more information, talk to a tree removal service, such as Custom Tree Surgeons