Questions To Ask Before Starting The Tree Pruning Process

Do you know that making improper cuts during tree pruning can easily cause permanent harm to a tree? Pruning is one of the fundamental tree care tasks you cannot avoid if you want your trees to grow strong and healthy. 

But, if done wrongly, it can affect your trees' health and structural stability. Therefore, you should take time to understand the process and have an objective. Here are some questions to consider before you take the pruning shears.

Is It an Ideal Time to Prune?

Although there are some exceptions, the best time to pick up pruning shears is in the dormant season or winter. During this time, trees have no leaves, so it's easier to evaluate their structure before making the cuts. 

Winter pruning also prevents the spread of infections, is more efficient, and doesn't stress the tree. If necessary, you may remove dead branches or perform light pruning during spring or summer. But work on scheduling this tree care task in winter for more benefits.

Why Are You Pruning the Trees?

The primary objective is often to maintain the tree's health by removing unwanted branches and roots. The branches or roots may be diseased or dead, so removing them will keep the tree healthy. 

Sometimes, pruning is done to remove twigs growing in the wrong direction and maximize fruit production. Determine your pruning goals before you grab any tools or hire a professional to handle the task.

Are the Tools Sharp and Clean?

Whether you are pruning one or several trees, it's crucial to use sharp and clean tools. If you use a dull lopper or pruners, you'll cause more damage and take longer to complete the task. Cleaning the devices ensures you don't introduce harmful bacteria into the tree while making the cuts. Also, it comes in handy when pruning a diseased tree, as you won't spread the infection to other trees or parts of the same plant.

How Much Should Be Removed?

Although pruning is beneficial, it should be done in a controlled manner. Ideally, one should remove the least amount to attain their objective – this is why you need to outline your goals first. 

Pruning extensively will have a negative impact as it'll cause irreversible damage to the plant. This varies depending on the health and plant age. The older the tree is, the more conservative you'll need to be while pruning. If you don't want to make mistakes, you can assign this task to a tree care expert.

For more information, contact a tree pruning service near you.