How Hiring A Residential Tree Service Can Keep You Safe

Do you have a tree that needs to be removed from your property? Do you have a tree that is growing too close to your house and needs to be trimmed? Do you not have the right equipment or knowledge to handle any of these things on your own? Hiring a residential tree service in this situation is a smart move that could help you and your family stay safe. Here's why contacting a local tree expert is the right choice.

No Need to Climb

If you have a tree that has a branch in a high place, you will need a ladder and a spotter to get up to that height. But even then, it could be dangerous to work while up in the air, especially with a large tool like a saw. When you hire a tree service, you can keep your feet planted firmly on the ground while someone else uses the equipment they already own and their years of knowledge to ensure the branch gets taken down or trimmed without issue.

No Need to Deal With a Falling Tree

If you want to remove the entire tree, you might think you are in the clear because that won't involve climbing the tree. But getting a tree to fall in the direction you want is easier said than done. If you have no previous experience, simply watching a video of someone else doing it is not enough training for something like this. Make one bad mistake and the tree could fall on you or someone else or go crashing into your house. Your hired professionals will have better gear for the job and will follow a precise plan they have used many times before to get even the most difficult tree to fall in exactly the way everyone wants.

No Need to Dispose of a Large Branch

Once the tree is down or the branch is removed, the job is not over. Your local garbage man is not going to just haul away a gigantic tree or even the branch in some circumstances. You might have to transport it away yourself or hire a service that tackles this sort of thing. But when you hire a tree service firm, you can let them know upfront that you will need them to haul away the tree and they will have you covered.

No Stump Issues

Finally, don't forget about the stump if you are removing the whole tree. Grinding up a tree stump requires special equipment most homeowners won't have in the shed or garage. Leaving a tree stump on your property could prove to be a tripping hazard or at least an eye-sore. A professional tree service can make sure the stump gets removed.